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Talent concept

 Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. possesses an excellent management team with rich experience and international vision. Our company also owns senior workforce. KPEM sticks to the concept of "equality, cooperation, all-win", putting talents with different majors and skills together. Simple and sincere interpersonal relationship is advocated in the company. Each staff's personality and aspiration is respected. KPEM holds the view that everyone is equal in face of development opportunity and personalized professional development channels are designed for the staff. We expect staff to develop together with our company.

Our view of talent

 Choose the people with morality, personnel with capacity, fit them to the appropriate position, save one person by affection.

 Choose the people with morality: Agreeing with the values of t KPEM is the first premise of candidate. We choose staffs having both ability and political integrity. Quality is immensely vital.

 Choose the personnel with capacity: Give full scope to the talents and let our staffs display themselves with freedom. In  KPEM, the one who plays best, posts highest.

 Fit them to the appropriate position:everyone has his own advantages, we make the individualized career planning according to each person's situation.

 Save one person by affection: Staffs will have tremendous opportunities for advancement and personal growth. We create a more friendly working environment and cultural atmosphere, to keep more talents.

The concept of our work

 We promote a "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" outlook. Only health & enjoyment can make our life more joyful.

 The development of KPEM is not just a man and the combination of the enterprise benefit. The more important is that everyone can share the common ideal and values. This will promote the company's development and expansion of the energy source.

 We promise our stuff favorable treatment and more promotion opportunities. It's a vast space for development.

 Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sincerely invite you to join us.

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